Doing Diversity Differently
Simple Steps to Diversity Awareness

Learn how to confidently promote Diversity Awareness
for teachers, parents and carers of 3 – 7 year olds

Doing Diversity Differently

Simple Steps to Diversity Awareness


Promoting Diversity Awareness in society as a whole is a pressing issue. It’s something we all want to do better, but many of us honestly don’t know where to begin. We want a fairer society for all but how can we start to achieve that when the journey seems to be so difficult and fraught with danger?

That’s where Musicbuds’ Learning comes in. Let us take you by the hand and gently guide you through some of the issues relating to promoting Diversity Awareness. In small 15-minute blocks, we take you from feeling unsure and unconfident about how to approach this subject, towards the confident position of being able to effectively discuss, demonstrate and exemplify true Diversity Awareness-in-Action.

The 15-minute blocks are broken down like this: using a 5-minute prompt (generally something to read or watch) we then take 5 minutes to reflect on this issue, before taking a further 5 minutes to relate it to our own context and situation. This process allows us to identify ways in which we can improve our own practice and become exemplary role-models for our children and colleagues. One little step at a time.


In this 6-week course, after defining what Diversity Awareness actually means to us here at Musicbuds  (there are so many conflicting definitions out there!), we take an overview the different threads that make up Diversity Awareness, before exploring some of the issues in more depth and discovering ways in which  we can both challenge and strategise our responses to them.

Week 1: Introduction and Overview

To give an overview to the context and background of the course, and to familiarise ourselves with the learning platform and ‘timetabling and structure’ of the course as a whole. Identifying where we are on our own ‘Diversity Awareness’ learning journey. What do we know, and how do we feel about the level of knowledge we have?

You will have a clear idea of the course structure, and why it is designed in the way that it is. You will know the ‘what’ and ‘when’ of the journey you are about to start. You will understand the framework of the learning platform and feel confident navigating within it.

In addition,
If you are taking the two courses (Simple Steps and Simple Songs) together, you will also achieve the following outcomes:

You will have identified your own starting points on both journeys. You will begin to appreciate how understanding more about the development of Diversity awareness supports your approach to the stages of Child Development and that the songs you are learning provide the ideal opportunity for supporting conversation and role modelling with your children.

Week 2: Diversity and Child Development (relating to 3 - 7s)
The underlying thread here is how Diversity and Development are so closely interwoven. We cover 3 lessons this week: (i) Diversity and Identity (ii) Diversity and Individuality and (iii) Diversity and Empathy. We consider (a) how these aspects of development influence the ways in which children perceive their own differences and similarities to others, and (b) how they react to these differences through their behaviours and own understandings.

You will have a clear understanding of some of the developmental stages the children travel through during their aging from 3 – 7 years, and will come to see how this development maps onto their growing Diversity awareness in themselves and the world around them. Your own confidence and self-awareness will begin to increase as you read, reflect and relate on the experiences of others that are detailed through the week.

In addition
If you are taking the two courses (Simple Steps and Simple Songs) together, you will also achieve the following outcomes:

You will begin to see how, in following our learning approach of small, easy to digest lessons, you do not feel overwhelmed or stuck in your own course progression. As a result, you are growing your confidence alongside your knowledge and your children are benefitting hugely from your new-found Diversity awareness. You will have songs to share with your children that encourage and support their own understandings of Identity, Individuality and Empathy.

Week 3: Diversity and Bias
We take a birds’-eye view of three common inhibitors to promoting positive Diversity Awareness in our children: micro aggressions, unconscious bias and institutional bias. We outline their characteristics and demonstrate how these often ‘invisible’ negativities need to be acknowledged and how they can be addressed using non-confrontational techniques.

You will have a deeper understanding of how seemingly small and insignificant comments and behaviours can have a long-lasting and wide-reaching effect on others. You will be more self-aware in the choices you make in terms of language, actions and behaviours towards and with your children. You will become more assured in your ability to recognise when micro aggressions and/or biases are taking place.

In addition
If you are taking the two courses (Simple Steps and Simple Songs) together, you will also achieve the following outcomes:
– You begin to understand how your learning aligns with that of the children and through the organic process of singing together you are sharing valuable moments with each other.
– You can see that within a musical structure you have the space you need to enjoy different cultural and musical experiences at the same time as the children. It really is a homogenous experience for us all!

Week 4: Diversity and Creativity
To outline, and highlight the very many positive advantages Diversity has upon all our lives. To appreciate these benefits through showcasing one particular example – the ways in which Diversity positively shapes and colours so many musical encounters.

At this half-way point in the course, this module provides the opportunity for some deeper self-reflection on the ways in which Diversity impacts positively upon us all. Your musical experience will be extended to consider a variety of musical examples from around the world and they will suggest ways in which you can take these ideas and use them within your own settings.

In addition
If you are taking the two courses (Simple Steps and Simple Songs) together, you will also achieve the following outcomes:
– You no longer feel stuck when it comes to explaining difficult behaviours and observations relating to Diversity issues.
– You have some of the tools you need to navigate this difficult path and you are aware that through the community support you can discuss and ask questions if you are unsure about what direction you need to take.

Week 5: Diversity and Society
To explore the term ‘White Privilege’ and gain an understanding of why this is considered to be such a contentious issue. We then take a broader view by considering some of the ways in which Diversity is represented within social media. Then we relate both these areas to the children in our care – how can we navigate a path through these challenging spaces for our 3 – 7s?

You will have a broader knowledge of the ways in which the inhibitors to positive Diversity influence ourselves and those around us. You will have an understanding of the ‘dangers’ associated with some social-media-representation and you will be more self-assured and critical in the ways you assess information.

In addition
If you are taking the two courses (Simple Steps and Simple Songs) together, you will also achieve the following outcomes:
– You are almost fully equipped with all the resources you need to demonstrate a deep understanding of Diversity to your peers and colleagues, plus, you are already using your bank of songs to showcase your own Diversity practice.
– You feel very well supported through the extra live coaching sessions you receive as part of your attendance on both courses and you are buzzing with your own ideas of how to take your creativity forward.

Week 6: Mindfulness; Developing Strategies and a Diversity Policy
To provide you with a ‘Diversity toolkit’ that you can use in your own ways and within your own setting. We consider how being mindful is the way to initiate positive growth in Diversity and work through some suggested strategies you could use in your context. We then pull all our learning together into our own Diversity Policy – a document that can serve as a reminder and prompt as you move forward in promoting Diversity Awareness in your 3 – 7s.

You will feel more confident about your own abilities, knowledge and skills in relation to understanding Diversity. You will have a broad overview of some of the many issues that are at play under the ‘Diversity Umbrella’, and you will have created your own range of responses to use, and policies to guide you. You will have started your journey on the path to becoming an exemplary Diversity practitioner.

In addition
If you are taking the two courses (Simple Steps and Simple Songs) together, you will also achieve the following outcomes:
– You can competently deliver a complete and balanced song-session that lasts for 30+ minutes and you have the resources, videos and documents you need to do this almost effortlessly.
– You have a deep understanding of the development of Diversity awareness in 3 – 7s and are ready to take your next steps along your own Diversity journey.
– You recognise and appreciate just how much more knowledgeable, informed and confident you are in your own musical and delivery abilities, and your Diversity knowledge and awareness.

Once we have some knowledge of the important areas, we begin to create our own, personal Diversity  Policy, which we can then go on to use to inform our own practice, behaviours and lifestyles.

Adopting new approaches to promoting Diversity in young children doesn’t have to be done through  strident voices and intimidating actions. Often, the biggest changes start with the smallest steps.



  • how to define ‘Diversity Awareness’ clearly and succinctly, and in a way that resonates with you
  • why Diversity itself is such an important and positive influence to society as a whole.
  • how to map the developmental stages of 3 – 7 year olds onto their own understandings and perceptions of Diversity Awareness
  • how to be mindful; to recognise, and react to, the negative aspects of Diversity
  • how to become more alert and sensitive to the negative nuances influencing our behaviours towards Diversity
  • how to be an exemplary Diversity practitioner.

Course Materials:

(included free when you enrol)

    – An accompanying workbook to consolidate and strengthen your learning
    – Downloadable pdf lesson-handouts to print out and keep
    – Diversity Policy templates for you to complete and update going forward
    – A Learning-journey diary to keep track of your progress

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