Dr Clare Seymour holding a hand puppet surrounded by bongos


PhD in International Education (Institute of Education, London University)

Relating to the musical development of globally transient individuals.

MSc in Psychological Research Methods (Open University)

Awarded ‘Best Practice in Research Scholarship’ by the DfES

GGSM (Graduate of the Guildhall School of Music)

I spent several years working as an orchestral flute player in a number of ensembles and orchestras in London, including the BBC, and the Inns of Court and City Yeomanry Band.


BSc (Hons) Psychology (Open University)

EAL in the Mainstream (Govt. of South Australia)
Finalist badge Teaching Early Years winner 2018
ISM Member Fellow
Thank You for your interest in Musicbuds!

I’m Dr Clare Seymour,
the creator and designer of
‘Musicbuds – Online Courses’


A Life-Long Learner

After graduating from music college, the first step in my career was as a professional orchestral player. I loved working as part of a team that created wonderful music! Then I got married, had children, and started teaching part-time.

Although I began as Head of Music in a secondary school, I gradually worked my way down the age-range and found my true niche when I became Head of Primary Music. In my mind, there is nothing that matches the magic of teaching 3 – 11 year olds, and even more so, 3 – 7 year olds! Their curiosity, energy, enthusiasm, honesty and creativity is always so infectious and ‘alive’!

Dr Clare Seymour holding a hand puppet surrounded by bongos

In collaboration with a colleague, it was during this time I began to compose goal-based, diversity-rich songs to support teaching and learning because there were so few high-quality music resources available for the 3 – 7 age group. The songs became very popular with many of the local teachers and parents. Then, our materials began to spread wider and wider, and ‘Musicbuds’ was born.

From sharing the resources informally (often on scrappy pieces of manuscript paper), the songs evolved into published hard-copy books and I have now transformed them into the online courses on this site.

I was able to combine my three passions – primary education, music education and psychology – into my research. All this learning has informed my teaching approach and has helped me to become recognised as an ‘outstanding’ teacher.

More recently I have become qualified as a Social Media Manager and Course Creator. In doing so, I’ve learnt all the skills I’ve needed to move the Musicbuds’ materials onto an online learning platform allowing me to help so many more professionals, parents and carers enjoy meaningful songs with their children.

I know what you need…

I understand the increasing pressures that professionals, parents and carers are under and know just how difficult and overwhelming that can feel.

I also understand that it feels really challenging to move forward in any direction without anyone to help you do just that. Especially if you’re not sure about singing with your children, or explaining to them how they should understand particular issues relating to diversity awareness, or how you can deliver learning in a totally inclusive and equitable way to your children.

I have listened to the worries of so many professionals: teachers, musicians, assistants, supporters, parents and carers, and have realised we need to embrace a new way of promoting diversity awareness to others

Family having fun playing guitar and singing at home.
I’ve created these courses for all the above reasons. I believe you need more than just printed words to read, or notes to sing. You need a ‘wrap-around’ experience where the resources almost live and breathe with you, where you can explore them at your own pace, and you can have your questions answered as quickly as possible. A place for you to feel supported, informed and respected.

I can provide you with support and expertise so that you can just get on with singing effectively with your children!

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