Doing Diversity Differently


Study & Songs to Support Diversity Awareness

A 12-Week online self-paced course to help you become a confident and inspiring
Diversity practitioner for teachers, parents and carers of 3 to 7-year olds

Doing Diversity Differently


Study & Songs to Support Diversity Awareness


Our 12-week self-paced signature course combines both the Simple Steps and Simple Songs courses together, and then it adds a few more valuable ingredients into the mix, so that you can experience a wholesome approach to promoting Diversity Awareness in your 3 to 7’s and beyond.

Not only are there a range of extra bonuses – more teaching resources, optional links to follow to extend your learning even further, and teaching tips and suggestions to support your children – you will also receive a higher level of personal support and coaching to take your own professional practice and skills to the next level.

To offer you a brief outline, this 12-week course provides the time and space needed to really delve into the issues, songs and challenges that are associated with ‘Doing Diversity Differently’. It comprises all the features of the two individual courses, plus much more coaching, support and opportunities for extended learning.

The ‘Simple Steps’ material is delivered over 60 days, allowing you to study the course in more depth and breadth. There are some extra working examples along the way, and additional opportunities to explore the issues in mentored pairs and directed study groups.

The ‘Simple Songs’ add a few extras through the duration of the course, so that you will end the 12 weeks with at least 12 ‘done and dusted’ songs you can use immediately plus a range of ‘cheat sheets’ to help you on your musical and Diversity journeys. There will also be extra teaching prompts for you to share with your children, such as a range of diverse musical examples from all around the world, and activities for you to explore together.

Course Outline

1a: Defining Diversity and Songs to greet and welcome

(1 lesson)

1b: Simple Steps to Diversity Awareness

(7 lessons)

1c: Simple Songs to Support Diversity Awareness

(13 lessons)

1d: Summary and Recap

(1 lesson)

2a: Diversity and Self-Identity and The Colour Song

(20 lessons)

2b: Technical Video Guides

(5 lessons)

3: Diversity and Bias and Let’s Make a Face Song

(26 lessons)

4: Diversity and Creativity and The Colours of Me Song

(23 lessons)

5: Diversity in Society and The Friendship Song

(27 lessons)

6: Diversity – Being Mindful & The Number Train Song

(26 lessons)

You Will Learn

  • Becoming more confident in this one aspect of your life will have far-reaching benefits to you and those around you

  • Why Diversity itself is such an important and positive influence to society as a whole.
  • How to map the developmental stages of 3 – 7 year olds onto their own understandings and perceptions of Diversity Awareness
  • How to be mindful; to recognise, and react to, the negative aspects of Diversity
  • How to approach diversity teaching and awareness and then how to deliver it effectively

  • How to become more alert and sensitive to the negative nuances influencing our behaviours towards Diversity
  • How to be an exemplary Diversity practitioner.


An accompanying workbook to consolidate and strengthen your learning
Diversity Policy templates for you to complete and update going forward
Downloadable pdf lesson-handouts to print out and keep.
Videos and backing tracks
A range of extra songs, lessons and links to add breadth to your learning

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