Doing Diversity Differently


Study & Songs to Support Diversity Awareness

A 12-Week online self-paced course to help you become a confident and inspiring Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity (DEI) Practitioner for teachers, parents and carers of 3 to 7-year olds

Doing DEI Differently


Study & Songs to Support DEI Awareness


Our 12-week signature course offers diversity, equity and inclusivity (DEI) online training together with providing a range of songs (- and teaching on how to deliver them) that can be shared with young learners (the EYFS and primary age range). The course provides a unique and wholesome approach to promoting DEI Awareness in both adults and children, all at the same time!

To offer you a brief outline, this 12-week course provides the time and space needed to really delve into the issues, songs and challenges that are associated with ‘Doing DEI Differently’.

The course demonstrates in depth why DEI training is so important to us all – adults and young children alike – and how teaching this important life skill through songs to young children is such a valuable way of getting that message across.

We cover aspects of DEI, such as identity formation, prejudice, discrimination, microaggressions, unconscious bias, white privilege, intersectionality, monoculturalism and mulitculturalism in depth, and then map them onto the stages of child development, so that all our participants can see just how crucial it is that we tackle these difficult societal issues in gentle and age-appropriate ways with our young learners.

Join us on a fascinating journey of discovery into so many aspects of DEI that we may not have thought about before – the language choices we make, the ways in which we represent (or don’t!) others fairly and non-judgementally, how we need to reflect on our own actions, behaviours and attitudes in order to understand the ways in which others behave, and just how important the development of respect and empathy in us all is the only way to create a fairer and more just society.

Modules are delivered over 11 weeks – see the course schedule for more information.

Course Outline

Introduction 1: Hello and welcome: Sharing our learning aims and objectives (15 minutes total)

(3 lessons)

Introduction 2: Familiarising you with the course learning platform (10 minutes)

(4 lessons)

Module 1: What is ‘Diversity’? AND Songs to greet and welcome (1 hour + study time)

(18 lessons)

Module 2: Diversity and Self-Identity AND ‘Can you find your name?’ song (1 hour +)

(18 lessons)

Module 3: Diversity and Bias AND ‘The Colour Wheel’ song (1 hour 10 minutes +)

(21 lessons)

Module 4: Diversity and Creativity AND ‘Please and Thank You!’ song (35 minutes +)

(15 lessons)

Module 5: Diversity and Stereotyping AND ‘We’re making soup for dinner’ song (1 hour 20 minutes +)

(22 lessons)

Module 6: Diversity: Institutional Bias AND ‘The Colours of Me’ song (1 hour 10 minutes +)

(23 lessons)

Module 7: Diversity and Empathy AND ‘The Friendship Song’ (1 hour 20 minutes +)

(23 lessons)

Module 8: Diversity: Being Mindful AND ‘The Number Train’ song (1 hour +)

(16 lessons)

You Will Learn

  • How becoming DEI-aware is a life skill that benefits all aspects of your personal and professional interactions

  • Why DEI is so important, and what a positive influence it can have on society as a whole.
  • How to map the developmental stages of young children onto their own understandings and perceptions of DEI Awareness
  • How to recognise, identify, name and challenge examples of negative DEI attitudes in others
  • How to be mindful of your own behaviours, and how to manage those of others
  • How to incorporate DEI awareness into everything you do, and then how to deliver it effectively
to others
  • How to become more alert and sensitive to the negative nuances influencing our behaviours towards aspects of DEI
  • How to become an exemplary DEI practitioner.
  • Strategies and guidelines to support and develop your developing DEI skills


An accompanying downloadable workbook to consolidate and strengthen your learning
DEI guideline-templates for you to complete and update going forward
Downloadable pdf lesson-handouts to print out and keep.
Song-story videos, mp3 backing tracks, sheet music guides and lyrics sheets to download and keep
A range of extra song resources, aims and objectives, and links to add breadth to your learning

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