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Dr. Clare Seymour

Musicbuds is CPD Certified
ISM Member Fellow


How long are your courses?

Each course is 6 weeks in length.

Why do you offer 2 courses side-by-side?
Our ‘Simple Steps’ course offers all the background theory, knowledge and up-to-date research you need in order to stay ahead.

And our practical ‘Simple Songs’ course offers you the opportunity to become expert at delivering songs and musical learning to your children.

They have been designed in this way to provide practitioners with the most flexibility possible.

How much studytime do I need?
The ‘Simple Steps’ courses are organised into bite-size chunks of 5-minute lessons, or 15-minute modules, so that they are easy to fit in to your busy schedule.

The ‘Simple Songs’ courses require between 5 – 10 minutes preparation before you can continue your learning whilst you deliver the song to your children.

Do I have to take both courses?
No! You can opt to do just one at a time. However, there is a 10% discount applied automatically when you purchase Simple Steps and Simple Songs together.
How long can I access the Course Materials for?
Each course is available for 8 weeks.

There are 6 ‘taught’ weeks and then 2 extra ‘catch up’ weeks at the end. There is always the possibility of requesting an extension if you find you need one. We so understand that life often gets in the way!!

Are your courses CPD certified?
Our courses are currently going through the CPD-accreditation approval process. There will be more information coming soon.
What if I can't sing?
That doesn’t matter at all!

When working with this age group, it’s much more about the enthusiasm and energy you bring to the delivery than the quality of your singing!

Why should I take your courses?
Firstly, because they provide you with such an excellent opportunity for you to develop your own skills and talents in very small, simple steps.

And secondly, because we provide a level of personal service and support that you won’t find in any other song-education programme.

How are you different from other online education providers?
We are focussed and experienced at delivering learning and teaching to this particular age group.

You will see just how valuable our resources are when you start applying what you learn in your own setting.

We are all real people who have set out with the intention of serving you in the best ways possible when it comes to learning and teaching
through songs.

What is the 'live coaching' element?
Throughout the courses we offer ‘live coaching’ sessions, where Clare provides online Q&A sessions and occasional workshops.

Because the Musicbuds’ team comprises of experienced educational practitioners, we can offer insights, tips and suggestions as each course progresses.

We can respond to your questions and concerns ‘in the moment’ and encourage you to contact us and start your own learning journey with our full support.

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