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Simple Steps to Diversity Awareness

Simple Songs to support Diversity Awareness

Highly commended online Teaching and Learning Courses using original, goal-based songs for Teachers, Parents and Carers of 3 – 7 year old children.

Why Musicbuds?

Musicbuds is an Innovative Concept

Through using an easy course-based learning approach for adults, we offer a weekly ‘deep-dive’ into how to teach and learn through song.

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By combining song-teaching and background theory, we ensure that whether you’re a musician looking for generalist advice about teaching this age group, or a generalist needing some musical guidance, we’ve got you covered!

Sharing our knowledge, skills and experience

We provide you with tried-and-tested recipes for success in teaching and learning through song, based on our own professional experiences.

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Created by teachers and specialists in music, education, psychology and child development (not to mention all our life experiences as well!), we have a wealth of knowledge to share with you!

Gain the confidence in sharing songs

We hand-hold you through the whole process of learning to deliver songs effectively and confidently even if you think you can’t sing!

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We know how intimidating it can feel when you’re not confident in a particular area of teaching and learning. At Musicbuds we don’t judge, we ALWAYS support! We are here to serve you so that you become the best you can be at using music and songs to support learning for the 3 to 7 year old you care for.

creative learning journey alongside the children

After a brief, 10-minute guided session (using video, audio and slides) you will be ready to start sharing a new song with the children in your care.

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We take you step-by-step through the process of learning each song in depth, so that both you and your children become confident enough to ‘own’ the song and adapt it in your own beautiful ways!

Value and respect Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We cover the ‘how’ and ‘why’ these are so important to our teaching as we go along so you can extend your understanding and awareness.

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It’s so important to understand why we’re sharing whatever it is with our children, and also how to do it in the most successful, effective and accessible ways. That’s why we provide the background story to every song we’ve created.

Interactive, flexible and versatile approach

We want you to take our ‘working document’ songs and then use and develop them as your own – play with them, change them, enjoy them!

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Our focus is firmly on the process of learning. Every time we sing with the children we are creating such deep opportunities for development in so many ways, all at once…

Musicbuds Learning: Online Courses

Doing Diversity Differently: Simple Steps to Promote Diversity Awareness

…for teachers, parents and carers of 3 – 7 year olds

Mother and children learning songs from the online course

Doing Diversity Differently: Simple Songs to Support Diversity Awareness

…for teachers, parents and carers to share with their 3 – 7 year olds

Part of Clare’s Doctoral research involved the often hidden aspects of institutional racism. As a result she has a longstanding interest in, and passion for, promoting positive Diversity – and did it with such clarity and care via this beautifully presented online course.

Highly recommend for anyone who wants to gain a deeper understanding of this subject.

Jane Parker


Jane is a respected Early Years’ music practitioner, Take Art Early Years’ music lead, CREC (Centre for Research in Early Childhood) Course Director for The Certificate of Music Education: Early Years

Who is Musicbuds for?

blonde toddler girl with hair bow

Teachers and Carers of the 3 - 7 age range

Integrating learning objectives seamlessly into comprehensive lesson plans focusing on the Prime Areas laid out by the EYFS and KS1 music objectives.

Parents and Carers

Developing a shared enjoyment of learning through music in the home environment

Music Specialists

Offering an exceptional range of original and well-crafted resources underpinning common musical objectives whilst focused on prominent topics and themes

blonde toddler girl with hair bow

SEND Professionals

Providing a range of resources to help learners with sensory issues and to develop fine and gross motor skills

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Teaching and Support Assistants

Providing clearly-laid out guidelines of how to assist teachers leading a class

EAL Teachers and International Schools

Introducing those children new to English instant access to instructional, topic and routine vocabulary through the medium of music and visual aids

Instrumental Teachers

Offering a range of exceptional resources to support the development of rhythm, pulse, sight-reading and aural awareness explicitly created with young learners in mind

blonde toddler girl with hair bow

Playgroup and Preschool Leaders

Using music as a tool to encourage socialisation of the 3+ age group with fun and laughter!

‘I was very impressed with your resources. I used them in school and they work really well – better than anything else that I have tried.'

Katherine Owen, Mostly Music

‘Lots of original, engaging, fun songs, plenty of music and movement, with visual stimulation for the little ones to enjoy and learn from.’

Rebecca Meadows, Teacher

'Thanks for the excellent resources and workshop! As a music teacher I’ll find the SEND and EAL objectives so helpful to my teaching. Linking musical concepts together with the Early Learning Goals makes so much sense.'

Joe Cooper, Primary Music Teacher

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